Meet Micah

Learn Why Micah is right for the 8th: The status quo in Washington, DC is runaway government spending, inability to compromise and increased regulation. Those that suffer the most are the middle class, small businesses and the younger generation that are left with a bill, fewer jobs and no plan for the future that generates prosperity. Having served in the military, worked as a federal employee and started a small business I have many of the same priorities as constituents in the 8th District. I will fight for the collective interests of the 8th District working with Republicans and Democrats alike. You can count on me to bring people together around priorities and solutions rather than partisan politics.

Why We Can Win

  • It is an Open Seat

    After 24 years the 8th District is an open seat. It is an opportunity for voters to send a fresh, representative new voice to Congress!
  • Micah Understands The Issues

    Like many in the district Micah is a military veteran, small business owner and has worked for the federal government as a civilian. He has credibility with the issues the concern them.
  • The Diversity of The 8th

    o The 8th District is rapidly growing, becoming more diverse and requires a representative that can unify people. As an African American who is also Jewish, Micah appreciates differences and is reaching out to all constituents to hear their issues.

Join the movement. Shape the future of our Country, State, District.

Micah Edmond for Congress.
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